We believe in creating ethereal, artfully inspired weddings, through the process of intentional and meaningful design.




Love and Honey is a boutique planning, styling, and design firm specializing in bespoke events. We are a unique team of creatives who value emotion, art, connection, and understanding. We view each project as a season of life, not just a means to an end. We approach each project as an opportunity to connect with others, create something from nothing, and inspire others by sharing beauty in a meaningful way.  We strive to awaken, excite, and guide our clients through the planning process with ease and intention. We find that understanding their values, learning where they see beauty, and recognizing what brings them joy, helps us curate a personalized and cohesive vision for their special day. 




Inspiration is a word we use around here often. It's the driving force behind our design process and the basis for which our company stands. Although each new client and each new event space brings on its own sense of originality, we are constantly in awe of the beauty of our surroundings. We are inspired by texture, artwork, color, architecture, textiles, fashion, and home furnishings. We find beauty in the Lord's presence, human connection, emotion, light, nature, and movement. 




As creatives, we all have something unique to offer. Each of us are individually driven by our passions, design aesthetic, inspirations, and how we perceive the world through our distinct lens. If you put a handful designers in the same room, with the same materials, and same vision board, we are most certain each of them would create something unlike the other.

That's the beauty of what we offer at Love & Honey. Not only does our "team planning approach" allow us to provide an efficient and fluid planning experience for our clients, but our remarkable design sense is unlike any other and cannot be replicated. Simply put, we are one of a kind. Only we can do, what we do. 

When you join the Love & Honey family you get the opportunity to work with a team of professionals, dedicated to your event. Our owner and creative director works tirelessly to dig deep into the design process to create an event that is centered around you and your finance. We refer to it as a 'process' because that's exactly what it is. It's not a vision that comes together overnight. It is a methodical progression of learning who you are and how we can honor your individuality through your event design. We consider this process to be meaningful and intentional, as every design choice creates the overall tapestry of you as a couple. In addition to working with our creative director, you will also work closely with our event producer to tackle the logistical details. With your rentals, color palette, and vision board taken care of; our event producer focuses on logistical planning aspects such as catering, music, transportation and guest accommodations. With a team of 2 guiding you through the planning process, your engagement season will be nothing short of a breeze.